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Life Story Theatre
PO Box 451
Sharon, MA 02067


Elizabeth Seton Residence and Life Story Theatre present:


We are pleased to invite you to join us as we present a multi-arts performance that will celebrate the lives and gifts of all the residents, families and friends of Elizabeth Seton Residence Nursing Home.

In the musical drama, iloveyouiloveyouiloveyoutoo, we will honor the grace and beauty of our home and community by creating a celebration of story, music, poetry and dance from the many artists who continually inspire us. These include:

  • the residents, families, staff and volunteers around whom the mysteries and miracles of life and love flow
  • the professional actors, poets, musicians, dancers and writers who share the gifts of their art.

Photo by Ann Grady, CSJ


Antonio Aberjailie, actor
Barbara Bourgeois, actress
Linda Colozzi, narrator
Tara Fleming, dance creator
Sister Catherine Fortuna, narrator
Adam Friedman, percussion
Mark Lipman, vocalist, guitar
Bob Mahoney, vocalist
Olinde Mandell, vocalist
Alan O'Hare, writer/director
Sigrid Perkins, actress
Jorge Rivera, vocalist, guitar
Sister Gabriel Ryan, narrator
Cheryl Willett, poetress